Gary Bauer tells Focus on the Family:

Marriage has been, for thousands of years of Judeo-Christian civilization, the uniting of one man and one woman. Once you say it’s two men, as Sen. Santorum warned, then why not make it one man and several women, or one woman and several men? The whole idea of monogamy breaks down.

Actually, for better or worse, polygamy has always been legal; such relationships simply are not recognized by federal and state governments. They become illegal only when an individual seeks a marriage certificate for multiple simultaneous marriages.

The Old Testament of the Bible not only permits but admires the polygamy and serial relationships of leading men such as David.

That is not to say that I favor polygamy; I do not.

It means simply that Bauer tolerates informal polygamy even as he favors laws calling for the arrest of all sexually active homosexual persons.

Bauer voices a tone of resignation:

Quite frankly, if a conservative Republican president is hesitant to go on the record as saying he will defend marriage as remaining between a man and a woman, then we really have lost the culture war.

However, Bauer fails to see why the religious right and its support base are losing political support for their war against U.S. culture:

Politicians are sometimes cowed by the popular culture. They are afraid of being called intolerant. They are afraid of all sorts of things. But that is not an excuse for the silence of any politician who has been elected with the votes of millions of pro-family traditional voters.

Political fear is a valid “excuse” when the public perceives anti-family and un-American values and consequences underlying religious-right policies.

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