Democratic Socialist Thomas Scott Tucker has penned the following.

When Bill Clinton signed the vindictive Defense of Marriage Act under
cover of darkness — I have always agreed with the critics of Clinton that
cowardice and opportunism mark both his character and his politics — he thereby added direction and momentum to the current proposed constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage. Yet another convergence between the Demopublicans and the Republicrats.

Senator Frist responded to the recent Supreme Court decision overturning
Bowers v Hardwick by suggesting that a bare defense of the right to
privacy is an erosion of privacy in “our homes.” Whose homes?

Will the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force demand that Bill and
Hillary Clinton take public stands in defense of civil unions and civil
marriages for all who may choose them? But that hardly goes far enough.
Since DOMA was signed into federal law by Bill Clinton, and since he
called the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy “an honorable compromise,”
leading Democrats are now obliged to clean up the sorry public mess they
labored to create on a bipartisan basis.

Bill Clinton remains an active public figure in the Democratic
party, and Hillary Clinton attends NGLTF events to cultivate party
hacks. We can now expect (any minute now) press releases galore from
NGLTF lamenting the bigotry of Republicans. The press releases of NGLTF
are produced by people whose brain stems are plugged into the
broadcasting system of the Democratic Leadership Council. NGLTF has
spent years in active collaboration with the Clintonistas. No surprise
that NGLTF is in the business of pretending there are no strong bonds of
bigotry and corporate recklessness between the Democratic and Republican

I think NGLTF knows that Democrats are the source of a lot of antigay bigotry and legislation. But I agree with Tucker that the task force publicly pretends otherwise.

I disagree with Tucker a bit about “corporate recklessness.” No, I don’t like the environmental recklessness and wage disparities promoted by big business. Nevertheless, corporations are near the leading edge of the tolerance and diversity movements.

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