Gary North is one of the leaders of Christian Reconstructionism. In a commentary on the Supreme Court ruling on sodomy laws, he writes:

I have already said that sodomy has been going on for a long time.
Perversion has been universal. But God’s wrath isn’t universal
because most societies in the past have had laws against sodomy and
have tried to stop the sodomites. So, God acknowledged that they were
doing the best they could. He did not bring His judgment against
those societies because they were at least trying to stop this
terrible practice. The problem comes when communities decide that the
pagan sexual practices are worth legislating. When societies make
perversion legal, God’s wrath can be expected. And so I will put it
in one phrase. The problem is not sodomy as such, the problem is
legalized sodomy.

A former Christian Reconstructionist offers a detailed guide to the political theology of C.R.

Public Eye wrote an excellent 1994 account of the ideology’s “rising influence.”

Whereas Exodus merely maintains that all homosexuals are going to hell, Christian Reconstructionism holds that all homosexuals should be executed in a new America operated under the Bible.

While other advocates of C.R. revise American history to conform the Constitution and “founding fathers” to conservative Christian values, North views the U.S. Constitution as an undesirable “legal barrier to Christian theocracy” unfortunately leading “directly to the rise of religious pluralism.”

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