Concerned Women for America and Focus on the Family have steadily increased the volume of their antigay press releases this week. One item in particular seems brazen in its defamation of author Judith Levine.

At this point, I can’t keep up with all the propaganda. I’ll tackle what I can over the next couple days. But under the current circumstances — a massive backlash resulting from sodomy-law repeal and growing recognition of gay couples seeking marriage — it would be nice if Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Human Rights Campaign, or People for the American Way made some effort to respond to, or better yet pre-empt, the war of allegations.

Amid the hysteria of media pundits, I’m not sure middle America is hearing much, if any, of tolerance advocates’ message at the moment.

— Mike A.

From Concerned Women for America:

Promoting Homosexuality at the Expense of School Children
“Why New York is wrong to create an exclusively homosexual high school.”

Were the Supremes Fully Informed?
“The CDC has been undercounting the cases of HIV for years.”


Christian Complacency Created Threat of ‘Gay Marriage’
“Christians should not ‘tolerate’ sin.”


Judith Levine Says ‘Gay Marriage Isn’t Radical Enough’
“Author of pro-pedophile book promotes polygamy, ‘any combination of genders.'”

From Focus on the Family:

Poll: Gay Acceptance Down
“Do the results indicate a public backlash?”

Vatican Speaks against Gay Marriage
“The Catholic Church is pushing back against the homosexual agenda.”

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