The Traditional Values Coalition seems to view unimprisoned gays and the “transgender agenda” as threats to its vision for the United States.

Here’s what TVC is up to. Given how much is happening this week, I don’t have time to analyze TVC. I invite volunteers to do so.

Supreme Court Overturns Texas Homosexual Sodomy Law
Summary: “On June 26, 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Texas law
against homosexual sodomy was unconstitutional. The 6-3 decision claims that
laws against sodomy ‘demean’ homosexuals and that homosexuals are entitled
to ‘respect for their private lives’ according to Justice Kennedy.”

GenderPac/HRC Face Scrutiny Over She/Male Agenda In Congress
Summary: “On June 24, 2003, TVC sent letters of concern over the transgender agenda to every Member of Congress.”

TVC’s Andrea Lafferty On Fox News To Discuss Patricia Ireland/YWCA
Summary: “Fox News featured a story on June 24, 2003 on the YWCA and Patricia
Ireland’s new role as head of this group. Fox interviewed TVC’s Executive
Director Andrea Lafferty on Ireland’s radical background.”

Homosexual Marriage Battle Continues In Canada and U.S.
Summary: “The battle over same-sex marriage in Canada is only just heating up. Pro-family activists are not going to accept this court decision without a fight.”

Ministry To Transgenders Scheduled For November
Summary: “Reality Resources, a ministry to help transgenders overcome sexual identity disorders is holding a conference this November for those suffering from this illness.”

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