From the Family Research Council:

Speaking on behalf of the Family Research Council, Allan Carlson will deliver a lecture, “Marriage on Trial,” on Capitol
Hill at 11 a.m. EDT, Thursday, June 12.

The lecture will
be web streamed live on Responding to Dr.
Carlson’s remarks will be Dr. Wade Horn, Assistant
Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Maria
Echaveste, former Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bill
Clinton. Marriage today is under unprecedented challenge,
from rampant cohabitation, divorce and the campaign to
redefine it to allow so-called same-sex marriage. Dr.
Carlson will address the need to preserve and protect
marriage as society’s foundational institution.

As I’ve noted before, marriage is under assault from social pressures most commonly found in the Bible Belt, and least commonly found in the Pacific and Northeast.

Arguably, opposition to gay marriage adds to those pressures.

In a longer article about Carlson’s lecture, FRC asks:

What Makes Marriage so Special?

The message, of course, seems to be that marriage is not special unless everyone who is not married — or who is not married under terms acceptable to the religious right — is subjected to significant disadvantages. The religious right asserts that its own definition of marriage cannot win unless everyone else loses.

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