FRC’s Ken Connor describes the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, including no less than five conservatives, as “judicial activists” and “unelected warriors wearing black robes.”

“Once again judicial activists have used their fertile
imagination to create rights that simply don’t exist in the
Constitution. In doing so, they have imposed their own
moral judgments in place of state legislatures and have
thereby undermined the democratic process. Unelected
warriors wearing black robes become the chief architects of
public policy.

“If the hallmarks of the test are consent and privacy, then
that throws the door open to any sexual behavior. The
radical homosexual lobby will seek to apply the logic,
extending a blanket privacy protection over one’s choice of
sexual partner to one’s choice of marital partner as
well–regardless of sex.

“Private sexual acts have public consequences. The Court
has ignored that fact and the right of states to enact laws
in defense of public morals and public health.

“As Justice Scalia points out in his dissent and as Sen.
Rick Santorum, R-Pa., pointed out in his analysis of this
case a month ago, every state law that is based on moral
grounds is now called into question based on this ruling.”

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