An Exodus press release today declares “Exodus Conference Targets Broader Audience.” Exodus emphasizes its outreach this year to churches; outreach to gays is not mentioned.

Exodus executive director Alan Chambers is quoted:

Our mission this year is to strengthen the Body of Christ by providing the best information available on homosexuality. We are taking what we have learned and equipping the worldwide Church to act as an army set on restoring the sexually broken and building the Kingdom of God. There are people dying to find God’s grace, mercy and healing. We are here to give them living and hopeful examples of abundant life found only in Christ.

Exodus’ use of religious and political “armies” rather than professional therapists to fix the “sexually broken” may offer clues to both the organization’s goals this year and to its shortage of “best information available.”

In any event, Exodus continues to assert the myths that 1) gays cannot be Christian, and 2) non-Christians lack “abundant life.”

Chambers is frequently guilty of issuing unnecessary insults against those with whom he disagrees. In Bible-speak, this is a sin and, thus far, he is unrepentant.

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