Alan Chambers will be a guest on the moral-conservative radio show “Janet Parshall’s America.”

Parshall is a longtime spokeswoman for the Family Research Council. Her for-profit radio show is carried by the conservative Salem Radio Network. She has also hosted a conservative women’s radio program for Focus on the Family.

For a variety of reasons, the folks who appear on Parshall’s program and other religious-right programs develop credibility issues — as do the guests on the leftist Pacifica Radio Network. With the possible exception of Fox News, the mass media don’t like to put political extremes on the air.

Chambers’ appearances on right-wing talk shows effectively constrain the target audience of Exodus. Chambers chooses to direct Exodus’ outreach to the religious right — not to mainstream America, and not to gays.

Instead of preaching to the public, he preaches to the choir.

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