Asserting that America’s black gay and lesbian community needs to come home to God, members of a group of African American former homosexuals today released an national open letter asking black gays to realize their need for God.

Rev. DL Foster, an Atlanta area pastor who is Founder and President of the group “Powerful Change” said, “Our hearts are broken for so many men and women who like we were, are floundering in a sea of unwanted same sex issues. We wanted them to know that there’s hope and a choice to have freedom from a way of life which is wreaking havoc on their community.”

Statistics show that HIV/AIDS, depression, suicide attempts and substance abuse among gay and lesbian people of color are at a crisis level. Black gay leaders are openly asking all quarters of the black community to help save lives. Citing those reasons and more as an unquestionable need for their help, former homosexuals decided to offer their support to “gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in the wilderness.”

Constructive comments forthcoming.

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