The web site for Besen’s upcoming book offers “Loving Ex-Gay Quotes” suggesting that ex-gay messages are far from loving.

I’ve already ordered the book on the strength of its synopsis, and I hope the book is well-documented.

However, the online quotes are not independently sourced (footnoted).

I’m curious to know, for example, whether — and in what context — Exodus executive director Alan Chambers really said, “But as a property owner of Orlando, I wouldn’t rent to someone who is gay any more than I would rent to a person who is a practicing witch.”

Besen tends to be thorough in his work. Nevertheless, I have trouble believing that even someone as politically amateur as Chambers would make such a bigoted remark, at least publicly. On the other hand, this quote — if accurate and representative of its context — would help explain Chambers’ support for legislated discrimination and prosecution against gays, not to mention pagans.

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