In regard to the PFOX webmaster’s personal web site:

Is it appropriate to hold PFOX partly responsible for the public (albeit anonymous) actions of its webmaster, particularly when a PFOX official offered moral support for those actions?

Alternatively, is the PFOX webmaster entitled to some form of off-hours, out-of-the-workplace privacy regarding whatever he says on his GeoCities website?

Is he entitled to an exemption from public scrutiny even as PFOX shares Sen. Santorum’s opposition to a right to privacy?

Comments submitted to XGW’s former blog location:

Just as it was disingenuous of Exodus leaders to suggest that they acted solely as private citizens when testifying at the Massachusetts hearing — but then splash the results about liberally in official Exodus press releases — it would be disingenuous of PFOX to suggest that the link between it and its webmaster’s public words was inadvertant and entirely inconsequential.

The webmaster makes it clear that he either cares nothing for accuracy — refusing to label his words as extreme satire — or he advocates terrorism.

PFOX makes itself clear — those characteristics don’t disqualify folks from being closely aligned with its organization.

Steve • 5/13/03; 5:57:23 PM

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