Nick at defends Rep. Mark Foley’s right to privacy, which seems to have been violated by both the Christian Coalition and Florida Democrats in a column by Bob Norman of the New Times of Broward-Palm Beach.

A supporter of Ex-Gay Watch writes:

Foley’s life points to the complexities of privacy. Despite being at least
somewhat cautious about revealing himself, he’s out of the closet regardless of denials — a telling reflection of the pressures and risks faced by glbt servicepeople under DADT. It shows the vulnerability of single folk to innuendo and rumor regardless of orientation. Foley’s run in public service is not unlike sticking with an employer for more than a decade: You can hide simple facts from the folks you work with for only so long, no matter how little the facts have to do with the job.

In the end, it’s often impossible to hide the simple facts forever. Contrary to Senator Santorum’s musings, though, government gains nothing by legislating, probing and
prosecuting the intimate details of its constituents.

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