PFOX’s key points in its press release today, copied below, are representative of the spin that I’ve been seeing lately from the ex-gay umbrella group Exodus. I see little effort by the better-known ex-gay ministries to minister to gays anymore. They seem to have diverted their resources into almost full-time opposition to antidiscrimination laws and support for constitutional amendments against gay civil unions.

Their message seems to be that ex-gays cannot succeed or feel free to speak, unless gays are discriminated against.

Here are some of the most noteworthy quotes:

“Of particular concern are laws regarding hate crimes and sexual orientation that are interpreted to make it illegal to promote alternatives to homosexuality.”

This legal interpretation seems to have occurred solely in the minds of religious-right activists. Neither PFOX nor Exodus has documented any real-world U.S. case where such an interpretation took place.

former homosexuals are the only group systematically discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation.

This statement is remarkable. Most Americans are aware of antigay discrimination around them, and it is in fact PFOX that has opposed laws that would have protected heterosexuals and ex-gays from being fired by gay managers– or vice versa. The people most harmed by this statement are ex-gays, who present themselves as self-pitying and irrational.

The Statement called for the right of choice to leave the homosexual lifestyle, public awareness of alternatives to same sex attractions, client self-determination in the counseling field, ex-gay equal access to public forums, and tolerance for the ex-gay community. Congressional lawmakers also received a PFOX Fact Sheet detailing the scientific basis for sexual reorientation.

Other groups insist that parents love their children only on the condition that parents affirm the child’s homosexual lifestyle. PFOX believes that parents should love their children unconditionally and without any stipulations.

This is a cheap character attack on PFLAG, a well-known and respected parents group, committed by an organization of parents and relatives who. sadly, have largely disowned or separated themselves from their gay family members. These family breakdowns are available for public review by joining the PFOX Yahoo group.

Comments submitted to XGW’s former blog location:

Curiously, there is no mention of just how many exgays lobbied. Usually political action groups give out that information. Nor about how many senators, congresspeople and staffers were spoken to and at what length. How much literature was passed out, who really responded enthusiastically. All of this is missing. Frequently, there would be reference to how many states were represented. My suspision is that the usual suspects on religiousright payrolls in DC went to their usual congressional cronies and made a pitch.

—Dale • 5/16/03; 5:55:20 PM

‘Ex-gays educated members of Congress on the adverse effect of sexual
orientation legislation on former homosexuals.’

OK, just what exactly are these adverse effects. Who exactly has been affected by them. How were they adverse, and how is this known.

—Dale • 5/16/03; 5:57:14 PM

‘… ex-gay equal access to public forums, and tolerance for the ex-
gay community.’

From what public forums are exgays excluded by something other than their own sloth and ineptitude? If they want to participate in public discourse, there are ground rules within which Western intellectuals discuss things. Secular ideas of evidence, proof, statistics, scientific method would help. As would a grounding in the basics of grammar and syntax: agreement between nouns and verbs, consistent use of tense, understanding of sentence structure. If the exgays wish to clean up their presentations to meet these standards, fine. Forum away. But as long as exgays meet only the standards of the revival tent, they will not be taken that seriously.

—Dale • 5/16/03; 6:03:17 PM

Curiouser, 365gay, DataLounge, GayToday and the Advocate have not reported that this took place. Somehow, this does not seem to have been noticed by the sharp eyes of the glbt’s on Capitol Hill. Fenceberry so far shows no awareness of this event. Hmmmm, how do you have a massive lobbying effort without your opponents noticing.

—Dale • 5/16/03; 6:11:26 PM

Curiouserer, WorldNet, Agape, AFA news, CNS have no record of this massive lobbying attempt. Nor does HRC. Could this be entirely imaginary?

—Dale • 5/16/03; 6:41:08 PM

Amazing, this ‘lobbying effort’ has received zero public attention and news coverage outside the Exodus orbit. Not even the usual right wing religious news sites have covered it. Really makes me wonder if it ever happened at all. When HRC or NGLTF organizes a lobbying effort it does get into the news. What is going on here?

—Dale • 5/18/03; 11:33:34 AM

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