Focus on the Family publishes a daily newsletter of political propaganda called CitizenLink.

CitizenLink is worth a look, if only to observe the organization’s extraordinarily small moral scope — its lack of vision. Eight out of 12 items on Tuesday’s page relate to sex and reproduction. The rest relate to fund-raising and gambling.

This is perverse.

Contrast Focus’s softcore fixation to Sojourners, where evangelical Biblical morality encompasses war, hunger, poverty, cultural and religious prejudice, globalization, racism, violence against women, sexual equality, nonviolence, materialism, free speech, family matters, humility, prayer, historically rooted reflections on Christian religious writings, and the list goes on.

Sojourners regrettably doesn’t interact much with non-Abrahamic faiths, but with a budget 1/200th that of Focus on the Family, Sojourners nevertheless offers an expansive moral and spiritual vision.

Addendum: I felt I should add that Sojourners does not fit within a “liberal” or “progressive” political label. It is right-of-center on abortion and homosexuality; it places a high value on straightforward Biblical readings; and it is as critical of socialism as of capitalism.

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