From the American Family Association:

…Where America’s influence is exerted in the world, we see living standards rise, human rights honored, well-being increased. The question is: Why, if this is true, are those on the Left so opposed to American “empire building”? Because if American-style democracy and Western institutions of law and culture work, then people will come to believe that the ideas upon which these institutions are founded just might be true. And these ideas derive from the Judeo-Christian tradition. In other words, from Scripture itself.

But the reality is this: Certain ideas are true and others are false. Cultures based on ideas that are true are better than cultures based on ideas that are false. So the next time you hear a Leftist pundit sneer that George W. Bush is engaged in “empire building,” don’t gasp and say it ain’t so. Say, “Amen, brother. Build on.”

AFA’s hubris and historical ignorance are astonishing. What’s not surprising: AFA did not bother to cite a single Bible verse to justify its joyous secularism.

Does the AFA assume that merely saying the words “Bible,” “Scripture,” and “Judeo-Christian,” is enough to endow its argument with divine authority?

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