The exgay umbrella group Exodus now protests when gays are silent.

(Of course, the organization objects when gays speak out, too.)

In recent years, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has advocated for self-determination and safety among gay and straight students by means of a day of silence in the schools. GLSEN asks students to respect one another’s religious viewpoints.

Exodus feels differently. Exodus draws a false distinction between gays and people of faith, implicitly denying that gay-tolerant people comprise a large and valid part of the nation’s religious faiths. It urges antigay activists to speak out, to stop gay students from practicing silence. Regrettably, Exodus’ press release does not research the concerns of those students’ parents about being harangued by antigay activists.

Exodus has historically declined to participate in dialogue among tolerant and antigay people of faith. It calls for such opportunities, but rejects each opportunity that arises. Now, apparently, Exodus opposes silence, too. What if anything will Exodus tolerate? The organization does not say.

GLSEN’s description of the Day of Silence

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