Exodus News favorably quotes an antigay African-American who’s very upset at gay groups for playing tokenism with racial minorities.

Well, some gay groups play that unjust game. Regrettably, many political groups play that same game. Including Exodus.

Exodus makes a point of putting minorities in its online photography, yet its board of directors and regional representatives are white.

Over at Focus on the Family, which is the key underwriter for Exodus political rallies, one finds the same situation:

Much of the Focus web site’s stock photography features ethnic minorities. But according to Focus on the Family co-founder Gil Moegerle in his book, James Dobson’s War on America, minority and female candidates have historically been unwelcome on the Focus board of directors. During Moegerle’s years near the top of the organization, Dobson preferred that women work in subordinate positions at Focus. Dobson made minorities feel unwelcome in any position, Moegerle said.

Exodus News also said (regarding immorality on TV):

While we are calling others (gays) to integrity it would do good to look at ourselves first.

Sounds like good advice for Exodus to practice, not just preach.

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Gay pride parades have featured groups with names like black and white together, inter-racial couples, since the early 70’s.

In the 70’s in Chicago, gay bars were usually the only places in the city that minorities were welcome. Generally leather clubs have had black, hispanic and asian members for as long as I have been around. Gay politics seems to be the preserve of boring white guys. Everyone else is out having fun.

—Dale • 4/25/03; 9:40:12 PM

I bet you’re on Exodus’ mailing list, too. But just in case you missed it, you may want to see this from February [2003].

Um…the “Black History Month” rendition.

Well, at least they’re trying.

Jayelle • 4/29/03; 1:02:32 PM

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