Doctors Called them Sick, the Remedy was Rebellion

The confluence of events that led to the momentous decision in 1973 to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders are chronicled in this documentary that was five years in the making. This was the first major step on the road to acceptance. Many were involved and this film promises “a trove of newly unearthed archival material — much of it unseen for decades.”

While CURED is indisputably about science, medicine, politics, and the process of social change, this film at its core is about a group of extraordinary activists with stubborn dedication and big personalities who came together at a crossroads in LGBTQ history. These unlikely heroes’ passion for justice — and their belief that they, and not psychiatrists, were the experts on their own lives — propels the story and forms the backbone of CURED.


Production funding came from an eclectic group including JPMorgan Chase and AARP, and the film’s outreach campaign was sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association Foundation. You can view a preview at the film’s website, but unfortunately there is currently no way for the individual to view the film itself.

It apparently did air nationally on PBS, and will stream on and on the PBS App from December 7 through 21. Keep an eye out as this looks promising.

09/29/2023 – Minor edits for clarity and accuracy requested by CURED staff.

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