-A gay man from Ghana is granted asylum in the U.S.

-Australia’s Parliament schedules a vote on marriage equality.

Slate talks with celibate gay Christians.

-A Florida circuit judge orders the state to recognize an out-of-state same-sex marriage.

-A referendum to repeal Houston’s non-discrimination ordinance fails to qualify for the November ballot.

-Roeland Park becomes the second city in Kansas to ban discrimination against LGBT individuals.

-Target files an amicus brief endorsing marriage equality.

-A memorial for LGBT servicemembers is planned for the Congressional Cemetery.

-NARTH rebrands itself.

-Virulently anti-gay Tennessee legislator Stacey Campfield loses his reelection bid.

-Chattanooga, TN voters repeal the city’s domestic partnership ordinance.

-A Florida church cancels a funeral upon learning that the deceased was gay.

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