-A Missouri minister delivers a surprising gay rights speech.

-Pastor Ted Haggard’s views on marriage equality evolve.

-A North Carolina gay man accuses his church of imprisoning and abusing him for four months.

-A UCLA study finds that children adopted by gay parents fare just as well as those adopted by straight parents.

-The New York State Court of Appeals declines to hear a challenge to the state’s marriage law.

-Bill and Melinda Gates contribute $500,000 toward marriage equality in Washington State.

Details of the negotiations between Mitt Romney and the Log Cabin Republicans leak out.

-Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe makes a radio ad for marriage equality.

-A Maryland pastor declares that gay people and their allies are deserving of death at a town hall forum.

-Ex-gay programs invade Finland.

-A New York City gay rights activist is savagely attacked.

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