Peter LaBarbera was on the Janet Mefferd radio show , when Mefferd asked LaBarbera what he knows about NBC’s The New Normal:

LaBarbera: … you can see the incredible propaganda that we’re going to be subjected to in this movie (sic). What’s most shocking about it is it’s just so out in the open now that NBC can be doing heavy duty promotion of a TV show that’s built totally around the idea of two homosexual men adopting a baby, is that really ‘the new normal’ for America in 2012? It’s shocking.

Shocking I tell ya, just shocking!

LaBarbera: It’s all about manipulation … When is Hollywood ever going to have a healthy, contented ex-gay in a movie or a TV show? Not a caricature, not the miserable, struggling ex-homosexual … I’m talking about a fully happy, contented former homosexual.

When “former” homosexuals actually exist, Peter.

The two then blame gays for God’s proverbial “judgment” on this country. As though God turns a blind eye to the plethora of real violence and the glorification of it in the entertainment industry — one of our most popular exports.

But a gay couple so much in love that they want to share it with a child — thatthat’s worthy of incurring God’s wrath?

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(Via Right Wing Watch)

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