Westboro Baptist Church attendee — but not member — Jack Wu is in the news:

A Kansas state school board candidate who describes evolution as “Satanic lies” and wants to stop public schools from teaching the theory attends Westboro Baptist, the Topeka church known for anti-gay protests worldwide.

Jack Wu told The Topeka Capital-Journal that he decided to run for the State Board of Education after learning that Democratic incumbent Carolyn Campbell, also from Topeka, would otherwise be unopposed for a second term in the 4th District of eastern Kansas.

What has gone as yet unnoted is that Wu was interviewed as part of the 2011 BBC documentary The Most Hated Family in America in Crisis, gonzo journalist Louis Theroux’s follow-up to his earlier film about the Phelps Clan. Watch the clip below at about 8:44:

Effeminate and awkward, Wu bashfully admitted to Louis he hadn’t been obeying the words of God and would be going to hell. Obedience is “something that I have to work on.” Shirley Phelps-Roper interrupted to remind Jack (and Louis’s TV audience) that church membership was a long way off, since he arrived at the church “right off the streets of San Francisco.”

Doesn’t take a genius to piece together the likely scenario here, does it?

(Hat-tip: Towleroad)

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