-The National Organization for Marriage continues to receive nearly all of its support from several large donors.

-Journalist and gay activist Paul Varnell passes away.

-The city of Orlando, Florida institutes a domestic partner registry.

-Congress removes several anti-gay provisions from the 2012 defense authorization bill.

-The government of Malawi reviews its anti-gay law.

-Republican senators block confirmation of an ambassadorial appointment on the basis of the candidate’s support for gay rights.

-Janice Shaw Crouse demonstrates how easy it is to abuse statistics.

-A lesbian couple fights back against an anti-gay attacker.

-Three Ugandan pastors face libel charges for their anti-gay smear campaigns.

-Chris Barron steps down as chair of GOProud.

-A “family values” Republican politician is forced out of the closet in Mississippi.

-And another one in Minnesota faces allegations of adultery.

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