The evangelical media is silent on recent scientific research into sexual orientation, according to Dr Warren Throckmorton.

The Grove City College psychology professor says his Christian audience routinely confirms there’s a blackout on up-to-date information on sexuality in the Christian media:

They know there is no gay gene but they don’t know about the significant brain, perceptual and cognitive differences reported within the past six years by various researchers around the world. … Many evangelicals believe homosexuality is due to abuse. Some will say with confidence that gays are more likely to be abused than straights but they are unaware of the actual magnitudes of difference. … Many evangelicals I speak to think that change of orientation is pretty common and the evidence is being suppressed by the gay-friendly media.

Throckmorton blames the “culture war” for this dearth of facts on the state of sexual orientation research. Read the full article: The Evangelical Blackout of Research on Sexual Orientation.

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