-Denmark moves closer to legalizing same-sex marriage.

-Morgan Tsvangirai, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, calls for gay rights to be included in the country’s new constitution.

-Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain once again supports the idea of a federal marriage amendment.

-Progressive Muslim-Americans work to raise their profile.

-The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee approves a bill to repeal the state’s marriage equality law.

-Three Republican Congressmen participate in an “It Gets Better” video.

-Uganda’s Parliament reopens debate on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

-NOM is caught pretending photos from nonrelated political rallies were from its events.

-The Johnson Family Foundation awards $150,000 grants to two LGBT centers for mental health programs.

-Brazil’s Supreme Court rules that a lesbian couple can be legally married.

-An anti-gay assault is captured on video.

-Welsh rugby star Jed Hooper comes out of the closet.

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