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Marcus Bachmann - Source: TWO

An undercover Truth Wins Out investigation claims that the counseling clinic headed by Marcus Bachmann, husband of U.S. Senator Representative and presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann (R-MN), offers reparative therapy to clients troubled by their sexuality. Bachmann had previously denied that his clinic, Bachmann & Associates, practiced reparative (change) therapy.

TWO reporter John M. Becker went undercover as a man struggling with his sexuality, meeting with counselor Timothy Wiertzema for five sessions, with a hidden video camera in tow (footage has not yet been released). He writes:

At the start of our second session I went straight to the point: what could I do? Would I ever be able to be completely rid of homosexuality, or merely learn to cope with and manage it? Wiertzema’s response was that it’s situational. Some people have been able to get rid of it completely over a long time period, others over a shorter time period. Still others are able to get it to “subside,” down to a “manageable” level, but it’s still there in the background.

In later sessions he would say that he “…think[s] it’s possible to be totally free of [same-sex attraction]. For sure.” and that “It’s happened! It really has happened to people.”

Ex-gay activist Janet Boynes’ book Called Out is sold at the clinic, Becker says, with an enthusiastic endorsement by Mr. Bachmann.  He reports that during the sessions Wiertzema echoed Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH in saying that everyone is born heterosexual; some of us just encounter homosexual temptations. Becker was encouraged to find a heterosexual “accountability buddy” to help keep him on the heterosexual “wagon,” as it were.

Marcus Bachmann called gay people “barbarians” during a radio talk show interview in 2010.  His wife Michelle has enthusiastically participated in anti-gay politics for several years, likening the failure to pass a 2004 Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage to ignoring the signs leading up to the Attack on Pearl Harbor. She was recently the first to sign a document denigrating families headed by gay couples, and glorifying slavery in the process. It claims that black children were better off during that time because they were more likely to be raised by a mother and father.

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