Some lady who’ll say anything to get a bit of attention thinks some people can pray away the gay:

In the interview, with The View host Joy Behar, Coulter points to a Michael Glatze story in the New York Times as evidence that gays can change. “[Glatze] used to run a big gay magazine in San Francisco, and then he found God, and he’s not gay any more,” she said, adding that “the most important part of the story … was that he’s a huge Ann Coulter fan.”

Coulter also took the opportunity to share her thoughts on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” suggesting it would be nice to see the now-thoroughly dead military policy applied society-wide.

In the wake of the Marcus Bachmann controversy, Behar is on something of an ex-gay kick. She recently had ex-gay Stephen Bennett on the show for a rather tedious and predictable interview:

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