Chaz Bono, formerly Chastity, currently stars in a show, “Becoming Chaz,” that takes a close look at his life as a female-to-male transperson. This show has received some buzz, as it is currently being broadcast on Oprah’s “OWN” network. It’s been too much buzz for Exodus International blogger Randy Thomas to ignore. His latest post retreads an argument he previously made which calls the gay community “hypocritical” for welcoming transpeople into their ranks while shunning ex-gays like himself. And, in the process, he makes a statement which is a complete fabrication.

Let me state right out of the gate that there is no proven genetic link to homosexuality.

This is a bold statement, literally and figuratively. This is not the ambiguous argument that “there is no gay gene,” a statement that is technically true, but infers the lie that there is no genetic component to sexual orientation. There is, in fact, a proven genetic link. This complete fabrication that there is zero genetic component has been stated by Exodus before, by Alan Chambers in an audio interview. Evidence of a biological/genetic connection continues to mount as time progresses, with studies that demonstrate this link in multiple ways.

That aside, Randy continues with his tired argument about the “hypocrisy” of his “gay activist friends:”

That said, It’s always confounded me that my gay activist friends will vehemently defend people who identify as transgendered as having a “right” to go against their biology to “become who they truly are.”  Yet that same activist will vehemently say that for people like myself, homosexuality is genetic and there is no way to escape that reality.  That I should just accept being gay and stop the self-loathing they seem to think I live in.

If you take that thinking to its logical conclusion, genetics has a tyrannical hold on my life, identity and self-determination but does NOT hold that same power over the transgendered.

That, my friends, is hypocrisy.

Transwoman Yuki Choe explained the flaws in this argument in a previous XGW article:

[Randy’s] belief that transgenders are ignoring their “genetic destiny” is completely inaccurate. He takes for granted the biological, chromosomnal and psychological state of transgenders, as the whole article failed to address sexual ambiguities that may face children even before puberty. The genetic destiny of transgenders actually lies in these various factors, something which Thomas did not seem to be well informed of.

Indeed, both transgendered people and homosexual people are embracing “genetic destiny:” by coming out of the closet; by embracing their true gender identity despite their physical biological state. The difference between ex-gays like Randy and transgendered individuals like Chaz Bono? Transsexuals, many of whom spend thousands of dollars on multiple surgeries to harmonize their physical appearance with their gender identity, do not need to bring themselves to their knees and pray for the daily strength to “deny what comes naturally to them.” They know who they are and embrace it. Ex-gays like Randy and Alan are in a perpetual battle, fighting their “natural sinful nature,” which they conflate with their sexual orientation.

The final part of Randy’s article delves into Christian theology having nothing to do with Chaz’s life, since his conversion was biological and not religious. Randy seems to think that Chaz’s gender transition is a blind maneuver; a gamble that “might” give Chaz a secure identity. The implication is that Chaz will remain confused and searching because his transition was not one to an “identity in Christ.” Quite the contrary, Chaz has made a long thought-out decision, one that will ultimately give him the liberation Randy is so earnestly “praying” that Chaz “will find someday.”

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