-The parliament of Liechtenstein unanimously votes to institute civil unions.

-The mayor of Barcelona, Spain dedicates a memorial to LGBT people.

-An immigration judge suspends the deportation of an Argentine lesbian who’s legally married in Connecticut.

-Wendy Gritter offers a nuanced response to Lisa Ling’s “Pray Away the Gay?” special.

-The Obama Administration prepares a declaration calling on the UN to work to end criminal punishments for LGBT individuals around the world.

-A civil unions bill is introduced in the Delaware state senate.

-The Mormon church fires a man for refusing to disassociate from his gay friends.

-The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to lift the stay on Judge Walker’s Prop 8 ruling.

-John Gruber, the last original member of the Mattachine Society, passes away.

-The Montana senate kills a bill that would have overturned all LGBT rights laws in the state.

-The California Republican party elects an openly gay board member.

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