-Focus on the Family reiterates its objection to protecting gay students from bullying.

-The New Zealand government denies charitable status to an ex-gay program.

-African viewers respond negatively to the sight of two women sharing a bed on an episode of Big Brother: Africa.

-Another Republican speaks out in favor of marriage equality.

-Tasmania, Australia takes a step toward recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.

-The Fifth District Court of Appeals overturns a lower court’s decision that would have allowed a married gay couple to divorce in Texas.

-Fidel Castro acknowledges the injustice of his government’s persecution of gay Cubans.

-Businesses in New York will now be required to include employees with same-sex partners under their bereavement leave policies.

-Christine Bakke points out why evangelicals who believe ex-gay theories about sexuality should value comprehensive anti-bullying programs.

-Miss Universe Jimena Navarrete supports marriage equality.

-Scandinavian Airlines launches a contest to hold the first in-flight gay wedding.

-Sally Kern reiterates her claim that gays are worse than terrorists.

-The parliament of New South Wales, Australia passes a bill allowing same-sex couples to adopt.

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