-NOM’s Summer for Marriage tour scores a modestly successful turnout in St. Paul, MN after playing to near-empty plazas in Lima, OH; Indianapolis, IN and Madison, WI.  Turnout returned to normal in Rochester and St. Cloud.

-The New Jersey Supreme Court declines to hear a case petitioning for marriage equality.

-Target donates $150,000 to an organization with anti-gay ties.

-Clay Greene, an elderly gay man forcibly separated from his dying partner, wins a $600,000 settlement from Sonoma County, California.

-Nepal to host its first gay pride event.

-NOM’s summer tour draws out some of its more radical supporters.

-A new study from the University of Virginia finds that adopted children fare just as well with same-sex parents as with opposite-sex parents.

-The Family Research Council finds another study to distort.

-A Memphis, TN city councilwoman receives death threats for supporting an anti-discrimination ordinance.

-Texas Senator John Cornyn speaks at a Log Cabin Republicans fundraising event.

-Jerusalem Pride encounters protesters, but no violence.

-The Episcopal Church begins developing a rite for blessing same-sex couples.

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