-The Maine Family Policy Council declares that Jerry Falwell was right to blame 9/11 on gays.

-Sonoma County, CA officials circumvent a gay couple’s legal arrangements to separate them and make financial decisions for them.

-Australian Olympic medalist Daniel Kowalski comes out of the closet.

-The city of Casper, WY states that it cannot force a resident to take down an anti-gay sign.

-The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America removes the last barriers to full inclusion of GLBT individuals in its congregations.

-The Family Research Council ramps up its scare tactics in opposition to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

-The Assemblies of God General Superintendent removes his name from the Covenant for Civility due to the presence of gay-affirming signatories.

-The US Senate confirms Judge Marisa Demeo, a lesbian, to the DC Superior Court.

-Three teenage girls are arrested for trying to push a lesbian classmate off a cliff.

-Miami University students rally in support of a gay classmate who was the victim of a violent attack.

Finland and Liechtenstein join the list of nations considering marriage equality.

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