-The Washington, DC city council votes in favor of marriage equality.

-The Chinese government opens a gay bar.

-The Los Angeles Times criticizes the Manhattan Declaration.

-The Courage Campaign withdraws from the effort to try to repeal Proposition 8 in the 2010 election.

-Pastor Rick Warren attempts to claim neutrality in the controversy over Uganda’s proposed anti-gay law.

-Columnist Edward Fitzpatrick makes a conservative case for gay marriage.

-A Syracuse University student upstages an anti-gay demonstrator.

-Actress Meredith Baxter comes out of the closet.

-Jim Burroway analyzes the political machinations at work behind the scenes in Uganda.

-Alvin McEwen documents some of the Family Research Council’s most recent lies and distortions.

-Lisa Neff questions the wisdom of outing gay Catholic priests.

-The city of Campbell, CA elects an openly gay mayor.

-The New York state senate votes against marriage equality.

-Georgia voters elect two openly gay candidates to public office.

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