-Pepsi issues an apology for its sponsorship of an anti-gay musician’s concert in Uganda.

-The Economist takes a look at where gay couples live in the United States.

-A group of Minnesota Quakers announces that it will not issue any more marriage licenses until the state makes marriage available to everyone.

-Another anti-gay politician is caught in a sex scandal.

-John Corvino warns against overusing the word “bigot.”

-Bruce Springsteen speaks out in support of marriage equality.

-Equality Florida Palm Beach County hosts a workshop concurrent with Soulforce’s anti-heterosexism conference.

-A group of progressive Christians drafts The Affirmation Declaration in response to the Manhattan Declaration.

-The Evangelical Alliance Ireland endorses that country’s civil partnership bill.

-The New Jersey state senate postpones a vote on gay marriage.

-Religious right activist Bob Emrich circulates an editorial defending Uganda’s proposed anti-gay law.

-Austria’s parliament passes a civil unions bill.

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