Exodus International has begun advertising for its 2008 conference. Its new video, posted above, is slickly produced, but as one might expect from a two-minute ad it contains little of substance.

Like most of Exodus’ advertising, the video makes use of buzzwords like “change” and “freedom” without making any effort to define them. Alan Chambers does explain in one clip that change doesn’t come without struggle, but viewers unfamiliar with Exodus’ word games would be excused for concluding that they (or their gay friend or family member) need merely to persevere through a little hardship to achieve heterosexuality.

In terms of substance the video does reveal the names of several speakers lined up for the 2008 “Freedom Conference”:

Dale Evrist, pastor of New Song Christian Fellowship in Tennessee;
Michelle McKinney Hammond, who speaks and writes on women’s issues;
Pastor Jimmy Evans, who co-hosts a televised marriage ministry with his wife;
-and Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham.

With a roster of popular evangelical speakers and advertising that looks like it came straight from Madison Avenue, Exodus may succeed in increasing interest for its conference among its evangelical base. Whether those that seek Exodus’ help remain enthusiastic once the hype is over and reality sets in remains to be seen.

Hat tip: Good As You

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