Pat Robertson’s really reaching with his preaching in the latest episode of the 700 Club. According to him, laws protecting LGBT persons are not appropriate because gays and lesbians make up such a small part of the population:

(beginning at 1:10 in the video)
Maximum- maximum – 2% of our population could consider themselves gay or homosexual, and about 1% would consider themselves lesbian. That’s it! … There’s one thing about having ten, fifteen percent or twenty percent of our population being discriminated against, that’s a different matter.

By Pat’s logic, Jews should not be protected under hate crimes laws because we only make up maximum – maximum – 2% of the population. Statistics actually put us at around 1%. Now, you would be hard pressed to find an evangelical Christian, especially one as publicly outspoken as Robertson, say “boo” about the Jewish people. We’re a very precious population to them, especially to evangelicals who immerse themselves in eschatology. Jews play a crucial role in the final battle between Jesus and the Devil, in which the status of Israel is at stake and in the end all Jewish souls either accept Jesus as the Messiah to be “saved” or are damned to Hell to spend eternity. In fact, Christian Zionism is a hotly debated topic in the Jewish community, because we love Israel but many of us are wary of aligning ourselves with a group of people who ultimately want us to renounce our Jewish faith by accepting Jesus.

It does Pat no help to argue that gays should not be protected because their “lifestyle” is a “choice.” Would he say the same thing about the Jewish lifestyle choice? Make no mistake – I CHOOSE to be Jewish, just like my cousin CHOOSES to be Agnostic. I choose to live a Jewish lifestyle by wearing a kipah and studying Torah.

Did Robertson slip, or is his agenda of Christian Dominionism showing?

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