At the suggestion of XGW commenter cowboy, here is an open forum to discuss any loose ends from 2007, or hopes and dreams for 2008. We can start with cowboy’s:

I’m not going to make some transitory quest to fit back into my college-days jeans or resolve to get my taxes done early this year. I want happiness. Okay…I’ll settle for some contentment on some level with being single. But celibacy is not a long-term option for me.

Would a lodge-styled mansion in Wilson, Wyoming and a partner like the Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Brokeback Mountain be asking for too much happiness?

In any case, to everyone here at XGW: may you find happiness in this new year!

And let me just add my personal thanks to everyone who has read and/or commented here. It has been a year of changes, hopefully improvements, but more is in store. Our request for next year is more interaction, information from you about things we should be covering. You will see better ways to share those kinds of tips shortly. In the mean time, we hope 2007 has been good to you.

And a special thanks to Mike Airhart, for starting this whole thing, and our writers, past and present, who give of their time and energy to help others possibly avoid some painful mistakes – very special people all.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and whatever else makes this time of year special to you.

PS: And cowboy’s wish ain’t bad either 😉

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