This statement was released on Tuesday, July 3, in Rockville, Maryland.

The Maryland State Board of Education ruled in favor of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Tuesday clearing the way for the 8th and 10th grade health education curriculum to include two lessons that promote tolerance, empathy and respect for all people regardless of sexual orientation and one 10th grade lesson that demonstrates the proper use of a condom.

The Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, a coalition which includes PFOX, has been battling the Montgomery County school board for two and a half years over the content of their sexual education curriculum.

Nancy Navarro, president of the Montgomery County school board, had this to say:

The State Board rejected each and every legal challenge brought by the opponents and determined and that there was no valid reason to overturn our decision. It is my hope that the litigation in this matter will finally come to an end as we move forward with the lessons that teach that all people deserve to be respected regardless of their sexual orientation.

According to TeachTheFacts, the CRC has stated that they intend to file a suit in federal court.

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