It’s not very often I just recommend a piece for reading without much commentary on my part, but comments on recent Ex-Gay Watch posts have indicated that many are unfamiliar with the ex-transgender component of the ex-gay movement.

This recommended reading post is a personal story piece by Marti Abernathey that explains how she used to be ex-transgender, and now understands herself to be ex-ex-transgender – or as Marti says, “In the end I’m not really ex-ex- anything. I’m me.”

The Washington Blade picked it up for their BlogWatch for June 5th, so as one might guess Ms. Abernathey’s piece is well written. Confessions of A Ex-Ex-Transgender


You’ve probably heard of the ex-gay movement. You may have even heard of the ex-ex-gay movement. Odds are slim that you know anyone that is ex-transgender. But have you ever known anyone that is ex-ex-transgender?

You have if you’ve read this blog…

Pam Ferguson contributed to this post.

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