James DobsonWe don’t discuss politics at XGW and we don’t plan to start now, but one has to take note of such hubris. Today we received this email titled “Special Report” from the Focus on the Family mock news site CitizenLink. It was brightly colored to set it apart from all the others we get from them, even the one announcing Jerry Falwell’s recent passing. Braced for the earth shaking news, I opened it to read the following:

Focus on the Family Action Alert:
Dr. James Dobson Says Won’t Vote for Giuliani

“It is an irrevocable decision.”

That was the entire message.  Besides smacking of the imperial tone which Dobson is so fond of, is there anyone who doesn’t think that the phrase “and neither should you” is implied at the end of that statement? A disclaimer stating that the email is paid for by Focus on the Family Action is included of course, though it seems odd since they want CitizenLink to look like a news site.

Focus on the Family Action was formed under IRS section 501(c)(4), supposedly to keep Focus and Dobson from breaking any of those pesky laws that prohibit politicking by tax exempt organizations. Somehow it doesn’t seem to matter since those laws don’t appear to be causing them any problems anyway.

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