Subject: Brainwashing children about homosexuality: YouTube
The homosexual brainwashing of kids in schools…
If you haven’t already seen these, get ready.

That was the juicy little email sent out by Mission America this evening, a conservative Christian political outfit operated by Linda Harvey of Columbus, OH. Ex-gay activist Stephen Bennett sent one out to his members as well. On the other end is what appears to be pirated video from the 8 year old documentary It’s Elementary, along with hardcore racist and Nazi propaganda.

The video in the links above is of a sample classroom where teachers speak intelligently about gay people to help demonstrate how to help prevent stereotypes and prejudice later in life. This is ironic, considering the fact that the owner of the YouTube account has tagged it with the word “faggots” and has surrounded it with other videos entitled Hitler and Keep America White.

With the other titles so obvious, and the epithets right next to the videos in the links, one is left to wonder if Bennett and Mission America are so entrenched in hate that they didn’t even notice what they were promoting.

It should be noted that Mission America is one of the organizations who supported a boycott of the Day of Silence, calling it a day “in which students and some supportive faculty intentionally remain silent throughout the school day to protest alleged oppression of homosexuals.” [emphasis added]

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