In an attempt to further evaluate the problems with Paul Cameron’s latest study, Dr. Warren Throckmorton asked Morten Frisch, Danish epidemiologist, to review the Cameron’s paper. Among other things, Frisch had this to say:

Cameron and Cameron’s report on “life expectancy” in homosexuals vs heterosexuals is severely methodologically flawed.

It is no wonder why this pseudo-scientific report claiming a drastically shorter life expectancy in homosexuals compared with heterosexuals has been published on the internet without preceding scientific peer-review ( The authors should know, and as PhD’s they presumably do, that this report has little to do with science. It is hard to escape the idea that non-scientific motifs have driven the authors to make this report public. The methodological flaws are of such a grave nature that no decent peer-reviewed scientific journal should let it pass for publication.

It is disgraceful that one can trace so many of the negative “statistics” found in articles published by ex-gay and anti-gay organizations right back to Paul Cameron and his work. It is often hidden through several degrees of separation, but more often than not he, and apparently now his son, are the ultimate source.

Read Dr. Frisch’s full response and Dr. Throckmorton’s comments on his blog.

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