Before every Love Won Out conference, Focus on the Family leases billboard space in the area where it will be held. Before the last conference, one company refused to lease space to them citing the contents did not “meet their community’s standards for appropriateness or the copy is deemed offensive towards any business, group or individual.” FOTF then announced that they would contact their lawyers even though the billboard company, Clear Channel, did not appear to be under any legal obligation to accept their business.

LWO Billboard

Last Wednesday, FOTF issued a press release that claimed another company had denied their business for billboard space ahead of the latest conference in Omaha. This time the company, Waitt Outdoor, gave no reason but simply declined to do business with them via email. That didn’t stop Melissa Fryrear, director of gender issues at Focus on the Family, from speaking as a victim on behalf of the group while making up her own reasons:

Apparently the idea of embracing a diversity of opinion is not extended to groups like ours, which offer the message that same-sex attractions can be overcome by those who are dissatisfied living homosexually.

Another company, Lamar, took the order so they got the opportunity to use the refusal for PR and have their billboards, too. I guess no one involved thought about the possibility that Waitt Outdoor was simply following advice given to Walmart and Ford by the AFA, by just “staying neutral” on this issue of the culture wars.

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