A Tenable Belief analyzes ex-gay activist Stephen Bennett’s holiday fund-raising appeal. On his home page, Bennett claims an immediate need for $25,000 to repay debts and then warns that his activist operation might not continue unless donors supply $100,000 by Dec. 31 to cover just the first three months of 2007.

ATB notices what’s missing from Bennett’s claims of financial hardship:

  • No mention is made of funds earmarked for, or expenses paid because of, the radio show, the Jerusalem trip, or the new church.
  • A drop in donations would be expected after giving up travel for preaching and speaking engagements in June.
  • Receiving $100K in December might increase Bennett’s peace of mind, but only $25K is urgently needed to pay off debt.
  • Is the new church is consuming a significant proportion of the ministry’s energy? If so, is there a plan to bring in enough $50/month global members in order to fund it?

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