“God’s Grace and the Homosexual Next Door” is a new book written by several senior leaders at Exodus International. On page 69:


“Some Christians believe that change is always evidenced by full deliverance from homosexuality, resulting in complete and immediate eradication of strong homosexual desires and the establishing of heterosexual desires and feelings.”

Oh gee I wonder why. I believe it’s “ex-gay” Stephen Bennett who says it best, “complete change is completely possible.” Or it could be the photos of “happy families” that grace Exodus ads and brochures? Here’s Mike Haley playing with his kids on the June 2004 cover of Focus on the Family’s Citizen magazine.


Richard Cohen and his family in a 2006 report on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


This image of Mike Goeke is from Exodus’ 2006 “Freedom” brochure.


And saving the best for last… I found this little jem in a PDF of Alan’s testimony.


Really, after looking at the media put out by exgay groups I’ve got no clue why people would go around expecting the appearance of full heterosexuality…

…nope, no clue where that crazy idea came from.

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