I loathe the idea of commenting on the Foley scandal here in the XGW; however; Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth commented on the scandal, and his comments apply to this forum.

This is from the Concerned Women For America (CWA) website:

Over the weekend, news broke about Rep. Mark Foley’s (R –Florida) predatory email exchanges with teenage Congressional pages. It took a full news cycle for mainstream news organizations to specify that those pages were teenage boys. While many are in shock, Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth, says that Congressman Foley’s sexual orientation was no secret in Washington, D.C. LaBarbera uncovered this news for CWA in 2003. While questions remain about whom in Washington might have been guarding Rep. Foley’s secret, there is no question that the Log Cabin Republicans are now actively distancing themselves from him. Click here to listen.

The audio is a little over seven minutes long. A Peter LaBarbera quote from the audio (5:00 – 5:47):

…[B]ut even his homosexuality, as we know Martha — we want these guys to get out of this lifestyle. It’s not a healthy lifestyle. It does tend toward promiscuity. There is a higher element of this…the word is “pederasty,” which is adult…ah…sexual contact, or wanting of these…ah…adolescent male boys. We’ve…we’ve seen this throughout the world of homosexuality — We’ve saw it in the Catholic Church scandal with they…the priests, and actually…ah…runs in the whole history of…of male homosexuality, going back to Greece. So, …ah…it’s not really…ah…it doesn’t do anything to deny it and say this problem isn’t there. This is a component. This doesn’t mean that every…this is a component of male homosexuality. This doesn’t mean that every male, homosexual adult is…is doing this sort of behavior, but there is, I think, a higher preponderance of it compared to the rest of society.

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