I don’t know what disingenuous smells like, but I’m guessing disingenuous smells something quite the opposite of potpourri.

From Dr. Dobson Responds to Liberal Attacks over Foley Situation:

“Somebody is going to have to tell me what in the wide world this indiscretion by a member of Congress has to do with evangelical Christians. And in my case, especially me,” he said. “What in the world is the connection there? And yet the media is trying to link us somehow.”


…Could it be Exodus has publicly reacted to the Foley Scandal, coupled with known FOTF ties to Exodus? Could it be other conservative Christian spokesmodels ( i.e. Pat Buchanan, Wendy Wright, Peter LaBarbera, Stephen Bennett, etc., etc., etc.) have been in cyberspace and out on the airways commenting about the Foley Scandal?

To quote Bugs Bunny (in a Looney Tune/wav file) … “Mmmmmmmmm…Could be!

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