On Sept. 29, Exodus’ resident lobbyist Randy Thomas employed admirable restraint in his personal blog by offering a politically neutral focus on the charges against Rep. Mark Foley and the victims.

By today, however, Thomas’ mood had changed. On both Exodus’ official Live Out Loud blog, and his personal blog, Thomas uncritically parroted an opinion that has become the official spin of Exodus’ primary benefactors political partners among the political religious right.

Gary Bauer, former leader of the Family Research Council, wrote a widely circulated opinion that:

  • defends Republican reaction to the scandal,
  • shifts blame to the Democrats,
  • falsely states that the outlaw pro-pederasty group NAMBLA is allowed by gay activists to participate in marches for equal rights, and
  • illogically cites Foley’s conduct as justification to ban healthy gay relationships such as civil unions or marriage.

Thomas eerily describes Bauer as a “steadfast voice of the pro-family movement.”

In his own blog, Exodus president Alan Chambers inaccurately stated on Oct. 2 that “Rep. Foley is accused of attempting to molest children.” But otherwise his comments were, by comparison with those of Bauer and Thomas, politically even-handed. Chambers acknowledged the ulterior political motives for both Democrats’ and Republicans’ reactions to the scandal.

Note: Amended as marked above to delete “primary benefactors,” per request today by Alan Chambers. XGW has previously discussed the finances of Exodus and its staffers’ and board members’ financial ties to religious-right organizations. I stand by my opinion, but Exodus finances are too complicated a subject to be included in this discussion.

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