Pure Passion is a new weekly television series endorsed and promoted by Exodus International and co-hosted by Exodus President Alan Chambers. David Kyle Foster produced Pure Passion as a function of Mastering Life Ministries, a member of the Exodus network. Myra Noyes, the Exodus Florida Regional Representative, also works with David Kyle Foster and Mastering Life Ministries. Exodus is deeply involved with this production and endorses it’s message.

During the third episode, David Kyle Foster took a few minutes to “clarify” homosexuality for the viewers. He started off this way.

You know, a great place to start when talking about homosexuality is to define the word. What is homosexuality? Well the first thing that should be said is that homosexuals do not exist.

I have often heard the lament from ex-gay staffers that they are told by gays that they don’t exist. Dr. Warren Throckmorton even produced a video about ex-gays titled “I Do Exist.” I don’t know if that has happened or not, but clearly we now know that Exodus and Mastering Life Ministries do not believe homosexuals exist.

You see, the word homosexual is not found anywhere in the Bible. Why? Because it was not even a word until modern psychology invented it.

Wow, that is quite a proclamation. I doubt he realized the deeper meaning and truth in that statement – that loving gay relationships did not exist in Biblical times as we understand them today. He means for this to support quite a different point of view. I’m afraid Foster’s credibility, such that it is, fades away quickly with the following.

The idea that there is a separate class of people who have been born with a naturally fixed identity and sexual orientation toward members of their own gender is completely foreign to both scripture and science. You wouldn’t think so from all the propaganda you here in the media, but it’s true.

I might add that not once does Foster give any reference to the science or any specifics, but speaks with the finality of a prophet. His “facts” consist mostly of quack theories with a pop-psychology flare and the Biblical interpretations of his own rather small sect of Christianity. Homosexual attractions are due to “arrested development” but the development can be started again, he says. Those who think they are homosexual, well they are just “wounded heterosexuals.”

While researching his website, I noticed many unsubstantiated statements but one struck me in particular. It’s something you may have heard before but I don’t think anyone has yet been quite this bold in the exaggeration.

As God heals those things that made you seek other men for sexual pleasure, your natural heterosexuality (which has been there all along, suppressed) will naturally begin to emerge, and like millions of other ex-gays, you will likely marry and have children and praise God for the rest of your life for the incredible miracle that He has done in you. [emphasis added]

Not only does he claim there are millions of ex-gays, but that most of them have married and have children! Considering the truly rough road that is an ex-gay marriage, this statement seems rather flip. What a horrendous expectation to lay on someone – counter to even the most optimistic estimations by the major ex-gay organizations.

I firmly believe, and always have, that people should be allowed to live their lives as they see fit. The only caveat is that those who believe they must live contrary to their sexual orientation should be given the honest facts about the difficulties and hardships involved in such a pursuit, and the understanding that the odds of real change occurring are very slim. In short, be honest with them. What I hear on this recording is not honesty.
This is a strong reminder. Exodus International, Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas, Mike Ensley – none of these individuals believe homosexuals exist. We are just damaged, stunted, victims of arrested development. Our lives are at best a symptom and at worst a lie. According to them, we absolutely can not serve God if we live our lives as the people we know we are. And lets just bring that into focus, they believe we are going to hell.

And of David Kyle Foster, I would ask how we are supposed to take seriously the claim that there are “millions of ex-gays” running around. Certainly you know sir that this is not true. Is it OK to lie now?

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